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Hello world! July 14, 2009

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So I’m almost settled in to my new home here at WordPress… I like the neighborhood so far, great location…great schools & shopping! *smile*

No really, it was time for a change. Blogger got a little too “busy” for me, you know all the fake shit going on, bloggers who just pimp themselves out to get higher number of followers etc. and besides I just wanted a start fresh and eliminate the work stalkers and fake followers.  

Speaking of work stalkers…I think people (Himbo) didn’t believe me about the work stalkers. I’m sure he thought I was being paranoid…BUT THEN all of a sudden a “Director” a pretty big boss around here sent me my blog link with a question mark and said “What happened? I used to click on this at least once a week to get me through the day” … HA! I knew it.

I was getting like 80 hits from my work address a day and I know damn well I don’t check my blog that much. ~ADD moment: someone just walked passed me with yummy cologne! Mmmm~

Anyway this is my new home now, have a look around and make yourself comfy…