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Hello world! July 14, 2009

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So I’m almost settled in to my new home here at WordPress… I like the neighborhood so far, great location…great schools & shopping! *smile*

No really, it was time for a change. Blogger got a little too “busy” for me, you know all the fake shit going on, bloggers who just pimp themselves out to get higher number of followers etc. and besides I just wanted a start fresh and eliminate the work stalkers and fake followers.  

Speaking of work stalkers…I think people (Himbo) didn’t believe me about the work stalkers. I’m sure he thought I was being paranoid…BUT THEN all of a sudden a “Director” a pretty big boss around here sent me my blog link with a question mark and said “What happened? I used to click on this at least once a week to get me through the day” … HA! I knew it.

I was getting like 80 hits from my work address a day and I know damn well I don’t check my blog that much. ~ADD moment: someone just walked passed me with yummy cologne! Mmmm~

Anyway this is my new home now, have a look around and make yourself comfy…


13 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. LiLu Says:

    You are going to LOVE WordPress. I let it get to home base the first night we went out.

    Just sayin.

  2. Ari Says:

    Thanks for the link! I’ll update my reader – my job blocked all blogs, but I can get them through a reader….

  3. tera Says:

    I’m glad you’re back! I hope it goes much better this time around. Love the new look.
    I kinda wish I’d checked out wordpress first, but I’m too lazy to switch from blogspot…sigh. Oh well. I guess I can always switch down the road if it becomes too cumbersome. 😉

  4. Nickie Says:

    Yay! I was considering moving here tooo! I agree with the bloggers who pimp themselves. =) I’m still waiting for your guest spot too. =p heheheh. I’ll put you in my reader!

  5. ChiTown Girl Says:

    Congrats on your new digs! I will immediately update my list! 🙂

  6. kim Says:

    Welcome back lovely- your new pad is swanky!!!!

  7. That Girl Says:

    Welcome back biaaaatch.

    You all fancy and stuff over at this new crib… I may have to move too!

    Love ya, miss ya, cant wait to hear your stories.

    let’s talk some shit about those stupid work people! lol

  8. Matt Says:

    congrats on the move to wordpress. Youll love it, I promise.

  9. lbluca77 Says:

    The whole world is wordpressing now. I would make the move if I wasn’t so lazy.

  10. Desert Rat Says:

    it’s hardly a welcome back if you don’t write again after a few weeks…hello…mcfly.

    I just really wanted to say mcfly! Love you to much!

  11. SheBloggs Says:

    Hey girl.. I just got this… I’ve been away from work for awhile since I lost the baby.. but I like your new crib!.. I feel ya about blogger.. lately I just haven’t even been wanting to blog. I hope you are doing well girl! I miss your crazy ass! I’ll be visiting CA soon.. I wanna go back and clear my head and get another sinful tat.. :0P Anyways.. keep us posted with your crazy show watchin, wine party havin, ADD ass! LOL Love ya!

  12. John Widick Says:

    Hi there, I just had a question about a post you made on here about a year ago. You mentioned having the twin version of the Ikea Logga bed, which is one I’ve been looking for. I was wondering if you still have it and if it might be available? I would of course need to know where you’re located as I’m in Mass. and depending on where you are not sure if it would have to be shipped etc. Also I’d have the question of whether it is in fact the actual Logga as the one in the pic in the thread about the person looking for Sarah Jessica’s bed is actually a slightly different model which came after the Logga was discontinued. So if you get this and you might be interested please write back to me. Thanks 🙂

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